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Hello! ;-) Welcome on a site, dedicated to FilmLanguage! ;-)

About authorEdit

My name is Ivan, and it was my idea to make a program, which converts books into movies automatically.


FilmLanguage is a fun technology, which converts simple phrases into audiovisual sequence

Bazelevs InnovationsEdit

Bazelevs is famous Russian company, which made "С легким паром, продолжение" movie. They are developing FilmLanguage. However, problem is that this technology is "closed-source", and is no more available online on Why? It is sad! We want FilmLanguage back!

So, this site is dedicated to "reloading", or say, ressurection of FilmLanguage.

Who needs FilmLanguage?Edit


FilmLanguage is a wanted technology

Just take a look a this picture. It is from Bazelevs Innovations. They've made a research of the market, and concluded, that such program is required.

Market Potential of Automatic text to audiovisual sequence convertorEdit

- $15 million - TV animation market (TV animation market is valued at $15 million)

- $400 million - user-generated content market

- $2500 million - mobile animated message market

- $5000 million - interactive education market

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